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A special invitation to George Washington’s Birthday Party at the Captain Charles McDowell, Jr. House, sponsored by Historic Burke Foundation and the Colonel Alexander Erwin Chapter Sons of the American Revolution. The event is also supported by three chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution; Quaker Meadows, Tucker’s Barn, and James Greenlee.


The program consists of Welcome and Greetings by Colonel Charles McDowell and Lady Grace Greenlee McDowell, attended by DAR ladies from the Quaker Meadows (Burke County), James Greenlee (McDowell County), and the Tucker's Barn (Caldwell County) Chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Colonel Alexander Erwin SAR Chapter Presentation of Colors. General Washington will be introduced by Colonel Charles and Grace McDowell.


General George Washington and Martha Washington will be here on our porch celebrating the end of the Revolutionary War following the Battle of Yorktown. His Excellency General Washington and Martha will speak to those gathered for the celebration. His Headquarters Flag, a Canton of our flag with 13 white stars on a background of Blue will be flying at the house during his residency there. The program will conclude with the firing of three volleys of muskets.


Following the ceremony refreshments will be served; cider and punch along with His Excellency’s Birthday Cake. 


Please plan to attend with these fine ladies and gentlemen!!

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